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A: When selling a vehicle to someone who resides in a different state is no different than selling it to a neighbor.

When you sell the vehicle, the buyer will be issued a temporary registration (and plate), by the notary or DMV, that will allow for enough time for him to drive to his state, pay the sales tax, and register the vehicle in that state.

Note that sales tax is paid to the state in which the vehicle will be registered, and not the state in which the vehicle is sold.

Good luck to you.

Q: I live in Illinois I have a buyer ready to buy my car willing to pay cash. What are the procedures to sell ?h?
Once i accept cash what needs to be done , do i need to create a bill of sale and have it notarized?What are the procedures at the DMV?

A: You need a clear title that shows you are the owner. Have your signature notarized on the back that you are the private seller selling the car. Give the title to the new owner.

Take the registration from the car. The new owner won’t need it. Sign the back (doesn’t need to be notarized), and send it to your state’s DMV. That step removes you from legal liability. It also forces the new owner to get the car registered in their name. If the new owner has your registration, YOU could be held legally liable for tickets, accidents, no insurance citations (why would you carry insurance on a car you don’t own?) and probably a host of other problems.

Q: Registering a car bought From California in Illinois, I don’t have a title per say what can I do?
Here’s the story:
Bought a car from California, via a forum, shipped it to me in Illinois. The car is a ‘81 Toyota Starlet, when I received the paperwork here’s what I got:

-Temporary operating permit

-Some paper saying it needs smog inspection/certification, “incomplete application”.

-Vehicle/vessel transfer and reassignment form.

-A bill of sale-dmv form that has both the previous owner’s name on it, and the previous owner HE bought the car from.

When I called him to ask what the paper’s are he said he had bought the car, and just decided to sell it so he did not smog/emission it, and did not get the title. What does that mean? and what is all this paperwork?

How can I get this car titled in Illinois? Illinois’s requires you to have a title IN hand to get a title.
I should have mentioned I took the papers to my local DMV and they were no help, I also tried calling the California DMV hotline and they were not of much help either. What would be my other options, is there a way to title it as salvage or anything?

A: take those papers to ill dmv/they will give you the info

Q: can i sale a car without the title?
im in Illinois…

i wanted to know if i can sale my car anywhere without the title ?

i own the car. i dont have the title because i took out a title loan for the car.
willing to knock off what i old for the title towards the price im asking for the car.

A: You need to pay off that title loan before you can sell the car.
The title loan place has essentially put a lien on your car until you pay them back. You can’t sell the car while that lien exists.

Q: I want to move to Colorado but I need to find a job before hand. Would any employer hire me before moving?
I have experience in Car Sales as well as Customer Service. Any suggestions. I also work and live in Illinois.

A: you could try
you might have to go to the interview in person though. I dont think anyone is going to hire a person just by voice, they want to see you.

Q: How do i get the title to my car registered in illinois?
I bought the car from a friend and he wrote me out a bill of sale stating that he would sign me over the title as soon as he got a new one because he lost the original. it has been almost a month now since he said he ordered the new one and now he is saying that he has to resubmit the paperwork because dmv lost it. the problem is we are in the military and he goes to korea in two weeks. is there something i can do to get it myself. it seems to me like he is just bsing me until he is gone and i dont want to get screwed.

A: Being a military retiree the best advice I can give you is do not walk, run, to the base legal office. He most likely still owes money on the car and that’s the reason he isn’t giving you the title. If it has a lien then his act of selling it to you is an act of fraud. He may be a buddy but when I was in the service one definition of a “Buddy” was a guy who would screw you over without even thinking about it. Don’t let him get off the base without bringing it up to the base legal officer. Without the title you don’t own that car.

Q: Sell a Leased car after buyout?
When leasing a car in Illinois, I payed the full sales tax amount. If I were to buy out the car at the end of the lease, I’d have to pay taxes again on the amount I’m paying. If the car is worth more than the buyout price at the end of the lease, I’d like to buy it and sell it right away.
Can I buy it without registering it at the dealer, and sell it privately? Avoiding paying a tax the second time?
The tax I paid is on the entire amount of the car. The lease is for 36 months, and I will have paid out the the entire tax on the 45k within the 36 months. That’s how it is in Illinois. The residual is like 27K. I know that it can be sold for at least 30K. I’d like to buy it and sell it right away, but it wouldn’t make sense if I have to pay about 2500 in taxes. So aren’t you taxed when the car is registered? If so, can I just not register it at the dealer…I know I can do that…and then sell it to a private buyer and have them pay taxes? They would have to pay taxes no matter what.


A: I agree 100% with Rudy but I would like to add that very rarely will you get ahead if you pay the residual. Unless it has very low miles, it rarely comes ahead for the consumer.

Q: How long after you buy a car……???
How long after you buy a car do you have until you need to get registration and plates? can i wait a week before getting them and just drive around on a bill of sale? PLEASE HELP….i live in illinois
i dont even have temps…..just bill of sale

A: Depends what state you are from, usually 30 days colorado is 60 days. When does permit expire will tell you for sure?

Q: Here’s a test of your car buying knowledge. . ?
If i buy a car in illinois, but live and register it in indiana, who do I pay sales tax to?

A: both. You pay Illinois tax when you buy the vehicle and then, when you register it in Indiana, you’ll pay tax there too.

Q: Ex ploice car and other cars?
Where can I find Police, State police acution, Federal auction that sale police intercepter crown victorias, ex police car, and other cars in illinois

A: you can go to: autotrader and im sure they have alot of crown vics but if you are looking for a car that was actually used by police the best thing i can thing of is either an auction or impound lot?

Q: can i sell my car as a private owner to a 16yr old?
Can i sell my car as a private owner to a 16yr old?
well hes buying it from me i am a private owner not a dealer so it should be ok as long as he got his license right? or does he need to be at least 18 no matter what? im in illinois.

is it true he cannot even register the car in his name at 16 even with a license? so who should i have sign the title and bill of sale his parents?

A: that question was up before and you did not seem to happy with the answer/heres what can happen/you take money/kid takes car and smashes it/kid brings car back you have to by law give him back his money/he is not old enough to enter into that transaction ergo the transaction did not exist/nobody on the site agreed with you//do what you want but it will come back to haunt you/the car will still belong to you so do not cancel your insurance on it. he cannot legally buy it/and you will be liable for it

Q: What can I do to get a larger tax refund?
Right now if I filed my Illinois state taxes I would get nothing and owe nothing. What are some deductions I can make to get a larger refund. Some one once said you can deduct sales tax and I did buy a car but I can’t find the info on their website. I was a student last year and my parents claimed me.

A: Are you talking about your state refund. If so not sure what you can do. If you are talking about fed. return there is not much you can do cause your parents claimed you. The sales tax is for fed(I don’t know about that state) and you can only get it if you are on a schedule A

Q: How insane was the Illinois school who cancelled the girls B-Ball trip because of Arizona’s Immigration Law?,0,5173143.story

What lessons are we teaching our children???

If you work hard with car washes and bake sales to earn the right to play in the championship in basketball, it can all be taken away by some liberal nutjob who disagrees with an immigration law??

The school used these girls to make a statement. That’s wrong on so many levels.

10 years from now, when immigration reform exists federally, these girls will look back and remember how they were cheated out of the right to play in the biggest sports game of their life.

A: Absolutely insane. How can Americans be forced to hurt other Americans for criminals who have entered this country illegally? I am sick of this as I hope others are as well.

Q: sales tax question?
I want to buy a used car off eBay from Florida and have it shipped to Illinois. Do I have to pay tax on it when I register it?

A: yup, you can just go to a currency exchang and get it done here in IL you do that when you apply for plates, it goes by year of the vehicle so it is not much, like buying a car in a dealership, unless it is pretty new

Q: sold a car and accidentally left the plates in the trunk now they are running thro i-pass racking up charges?
sold a car and left the plates in the trunk i took the money and signed over the title …they put the expired plates on the car and did not register the car so there is no record i sold it at the dmv….now i am recieving mail from illinois (i live in wis by the way) saying i am running thro ipasses and im up to 127 dollars in tickets now …but i am not doing this and the ipass ppl say they are going to get my license taken away if i dont pay them or give them proof i sold the car but the dmv says they cant help me and i dont have a bill of sale ..i desperatly need help from someone i am on a very very strict budget and 2 kids
my new car has new plates these ppl have my old plates that are expired and i dont have any proof cuz my proof was the title but i signed it over when i sold them the car. so now i have no proof….

A: report the plates lost or stolen. The i-pas too. Call a lawyer.

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