First Steps Towards Interpreting An Astrology Chart

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Astrology studies the various interactions between personality, stars and planets. Astrology charts can be used to help with interpreting an individual’s nature and for making predictions about her or his future. You can obtain insight into yourself by learning how to read astrology charts.

There are three things that make up the birth chart – the Houses, Zodiac signs and planets.

Want to Know How to Be Your Own Astrologer?

The Zodiac chart wheel is divided into 12 different sections. Each sign has its own unique energies which are filtered through the planet symbols. Remember that your sun sign is just one small component in how an astrology chart is read overall.

The key to being able to interpret a birth chart is having the ability to understand that combination’s essence on its own, as well as its relationship to other planets.

First Steps in Interpreting An Astrology Chart

The planets in astrology refer to the Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and also the slow moving planets of Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. Also included in the charts are the North Node and the asteroid Chiron.

There are two types of planets: outer planets and personal planets. Personal planets include Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and Sun.

– The sun represents an individual’s purpose and basic identity.

– The moon represents how an individual reflects on and reacts to life events.

– Mercury is your ability for perceiving and relating to objects and individuals.

– Venus illustrates what you enjoy and what you are comfortable with.

– Mars represents your actions and your will.

– Jupiter represents your personal growth and how well you are integrated into society.

– Saturn represents the personal rules you create over time for yourself and your personal responsibilities.

– Uranus represents your ability for growing and learning.

– Neptune points to your imagination and ideals.

– Pluto represents your capacities for inner growth and change, and points to very personal and deep forms of change.

Houses Within The Chart

– Your first house represents you at the time of your birth. It includes your physical appearance, your identity, you temperament and other inherent qualities. Your personality is greatly influenced by the signs and planets that are found in your first house.

– Your second house represents your self worth, personal assets, money, and your attitude towards these things. Emotional well-being and financial security throughout your life may be evaluated by what planet and sign are found within your second house.

– Your third house represents transportation and communication. Found in the third house are short distance travel, physical forms of communication such as letters and ways that other people communicate with you. It also points to your manner of speech, self-expression, learning style and mental attitude.

– Your fourth house represents property, family and home. This house dominates the areas of your life having to do with your inner emotions, childhood, your background and roots.

– Your fifth house represents children along with the way you relate to them. Love affairs and romance are found in your fifth house as well as how you approach fun and pleasure.

– Your sixth house is your house of service and health, and represents your physical well-being overall throughout your lifetime.

– Your seventh house represents committed, serious relationships. This house controls things like romantic partnerships and marriages. In can show you what kind of long term romantic partner you need.

– Your eighth house is your house of rebirth and regeneration. Injuries, surgeries, healing, decay, death and birth are all found within this house, along with sex.

– Your ninth house is represents your long distance travel. Those journeys that are found within your ninth house are metaphorical as well as physical. In addition to trips of more than 500 miles, emotional transformations and journeys are found within the ninth house as well.

– Your tenth house represents status and career. Within this house are found your aspirations and ambitions. Your place within a community are also revealed here.

– Your eleventh house is called the house of hopes. What it represents is if and when your dreams are going to come true. Before you take big risks you should wait supposedly until one of your significant planets is transition through the house.

– Your 12th house represents secrets. The 12th house reveals things that are hidden, such as secrets aspects from your past or hidden emotions.

Use your signs and houses to interpret your planets. To accurately read an astrology chart, you need to consider where the planets make their appearances. Under which sign and in what house do they make their appearance. That will provide you insight into your life path and personality.

– Planets represent the things you do, in terms of what drives you and what you enjoy. Houses represents how, or the manner is which you accomplish tasks. Signs represent where, such as areas in your life where certain aspects of change or growth can be expected.


aspects in astrologyA geometric relationship is created by each planet with each of the other planets in the circle. When it is a special relationship – for example when the angle that is form is 90 degree and therefore resembles the corner on a square, it is noted and interpreted by astrologers.

The primary aspect that you want to take a look at are the sextile, opposition, trine, square and conjunction. There are others that are less common to examine and interpret, but many get included in astro-charts still since they might be of interest.

How to Interpret Your Astrology Chart

Astrology in ancient times was primarily view as guide for spiritual development. It was intended to help you with your inner journey, through helping you to become better aware of what the interrelationships were between your inner aspects and the objective universe. Astrology is a way of efficiently and accurately understanding your life and yourself. It provides you with great insight into yourself, provides uncanny clarity, and identifies ongoing themes and timing of life events. If you are able to hold onto happiness during the times of your life that are difficult, then you can start rising above the stars’ influence. The start will start smiling upon you due to these changes.

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