Astrology Can Guide You on A Journey Through Self Discovery

self understanding through astrologyWhen you understand all the different signs in astrology along with how they are positioned in your birth chart, you can make the most of your skills and talents. Astrology can guide you through your journey to self-discovery. It can help you overcome weaknesses and allow you to flourish.

It is especially good at shedding light on how you can overcome your weaknesses and address problems in all areas of your life. It is a tool for gaining insight into your life, the events that occur in it and how they are timed. Astrology provides truly astounding clarity.

Astrology makes use of symbolism and allows individuals to interpret symbols as it applies to them in life. You are a product of a time and a place in history and your upbringing plays a part in the whole scope of your birth chart.

Astrology Insights for Career and Romance

Astrology gives lots of suggestions for you to stay healthy and for you to find a good career and especially in relationship astrology for compatibility . It is a great tool for getting valuable information about yourself and your whole life as it unfolds. It is an accurate way to get deep insights about personal themes and cycles in life. It offers information about challenges and opportunities that come your way.

When we get the time, date and location of your birth, we create a birth chart filled with information that is specific to you. We also make use of the current planetary positions to get an understanding of what is going on in your life. These can indicate when you might move or change directions, need more alone time or become involved in a relationship.

Think of using a birth chart as being in the driver’s seat of a double-decker bus. You are in total control of the direction you are going in but you only see the road from one perspective. Astrology gets you a wider view of the road ahead. It helps you navigate that road from a much higher perspective. You get much more control of that big bus you are driving!

It offers a useful perspective, too. You can use what it gives you to answer questions and get meaning about life’s challenges. It also gives you a sense of direction when you have big choices to make.

When times get tough, you can have comfort and awareness with the guidance that astrology provides. You will understand why your nature causes you to make certain choices and get involved with certain people.

You will appreciate the information that a knowledgeable astrologer can provide. Man often makes his own destiny but it happens within the orbit of a rather predetermined karma. A good astrologer can see this, predict things accurately and help guide a person. The right timing has a lot to do with bearing fruit from your efforts. Yet, as a layperson you might not be able to judge which time is favorable and how it is right for making certain moves in life.

astrology guidePlanetary actions shows potential for opportunities as well as problems. Having an awareness of what is going on in the starts gives you an edge. You will know what is about to come up and how best to strategically use your energies and actions based on your chart. Astrology is an alternate way of looking at time. It is much older than the calendar and clock systems that we make use of now.

It also runs on the theory of synchronicity. As Carl Jung defines it, synchronicity finds connections that go beyond time and space. We cannot find these connections using clocks and calendars but we can find them through astrology. Astrology is based on an ephemeris. It is how astrologers “read” time.

One area of astrology that is important is that of career astrology. It guides a person with making suitable choices for careers, when to start or stop careers and when they will reach their peak or get a promotion. Along with careers, astrology is useful with financial matters which are the outcome of professional choices.

For those times when you are looking for a partner in life, astrology signs can point to which person is best suited to you. It also indicates which characteristics in people will be better for you than others. Everyone is blessed with uniqueness, but these guidelines from astrology can help you meet your perfect match. When you are looking for any kind of partner in life, astrology offers wonderful suggestions for compatibility.

Most of the time people use astrology for compatibility recommendations for romance. However, they can also be used for dealing with finding harmony with family members, co-workers and friends.

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