Astrology and Finding Your Way

Astrology and Finding Your Way

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Do you ever wish that you had a personalized map which let you know what your purpose, abilities, challenges, talent and unique points were, one that told your story. Imagine a guide that let you know how to read your Cosmic Map, one that could help you visualize and bring to life your story.

The subject of astrology is a very deep one, many people believe it to be a sort of superstitious guide to the progress of the material. If astrology is used only as a guide in material matters, the teachings will not be receiving their due acknowledgment. It is a subject that is multi-layered, complex and symbolic. It is an ancient subject sill of a wealth of knowledge that with time and seep exploration, begins to unfold.

The vastness that is astrology can only be properly understood by those with a n earnest understanding. During ancient times, astrology was mainly seen as a guide to the spiritual development. It was considered a lower application of what is in essence a divine science, to use astrology for material purposes.

Astrology Chart as a Road Map

Your life’s road map can be found in your birth chart. It is not written in stone, but it can serve as a guide. The study of the response that man has to planetary stimuli is what astrology is all about. Every aspect of creation is linked and their influences are interchanged. Regardless of what your environment may be, the rays that surround the earth and universe will in some way, have an impact on you.

Assisting you on your inner journey is what astrology was intended for, this is done by helping you to become aware of the interrelationships the objective universe and your own inner aspects. The relation between the stars and the body and mind of humans is vary subtle.

There is a connection between the chakras, the six centers in the human spine, by polarity they become twelve, and the signs of the zodiac which are also twelve. Lodged in these spinal centers, there are millions of volts of electrical current. If you have a strong body and mind, the evil vibrations of the stars will not be able to penetrate you when their rays are being shed on you.


planet influencePlanetary Influence

Only in accordance with patterns that you established for yourself in the past is how the stars will  influence your life. The day and hour in which the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with the past actions; individual karma is when a child is born. The astrological configurations are merely symbols of karmic influences that you yourself set into motion in your past.

The message which is brightly blasts across the heavens when a child is born is not about fate, not about a result of evil or of good, it is there however to draw your will towards escaping this universal bondage. What has been done, can be undone. Whatever effects that are now prevalent in your life, can be overcome by you because you, with your own actions, were the one who created them. In you there are spiritual resources which are not subject to the pressure if the planets.

Therefore, the best way to improve your present is by purposefully behaving in a way that will counteract any effects of evil from past deeds. This is especially true if this course of action stems from being innerly attuned with God, Goddess and everything that is. Or which is adopted through the knowledgeable guidance of someone familiar with universal source, this works as an antidote evil actions of our past.

The Proper Use of Astrology

The meaning of superstition is seeking guidance from effects, without knowing what has caused them. Instead of choosing the wise path of searching for guidance within themselves, from God, most people look to the heavens for their signs. There are people who flat out refuse to do a thing for themselves if the planetary positions are not favorable.

Waiting for the astrological influences to change and then change your destiny should not be done. It is best to look to universal consciousness that has created the heavens and the earth, only that can grant your freedom that is eternal. It may seem impossible to reverse the lawful effects of your karma, but you can change the effects of past actions by searching your own inner wisdom and seeking enlightenment. You cannot spiritualize astrology if you can not remember that.

Spiritual Astrology

spiritual astrologyWhen researching astrology in a reasonable manner, always remember that the supreme influence is God’s influence. You have been provided with freedom of choice and intelligence, as one of God’s children, to overcome the difficulties that life throws your way. Never stop overcoming every mental, spiritual and material difficulty from a center of inner peace.

If throughout all of life’s difficulties, you are able to keep smiling, you will begin rising above that influence of the stars. Of, in spite of repeated challenges, you are able to retain your smile, this signals an awakening of the consciousness of the divinity that is within you. Through all of these actions, you are remodeling your body and your mind as well as the effect they have on the twelve centers located in your spine. Due to these changes, the stars will begin to favor you.

Astrology Is Merely The Beginning

There are people who study astrology to understand the influence their karma experiences due to the planets. They then try to counteract the evil influences by being astrologically aware. The great master however reach past astrology. A man of realization does not seek a favorable moment to be noble or to take on a better lifestyle. He moves, acts and sleeps under on influence, the one of intuitive wisdom. She looks within for wisdom and for guidance, she looks to the stars.

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