About Astro Guide Consultations

I came to astrology as a skeptic over a heated argument with a coworker friend who I was appalled and dismayed at his obstinate defense of astrology. We work in the scientific field and no self-respecting scientist, (or so I thought) would ever think of going to an astrologer or having anything to do with it.

scientist-uranus-mercuryAs a challenge I set off to show him how he must have been brainwashed and he challenged me to learn about it before I dismissed it.

The rest is history, 12 years later I continue to find uncanny synchronicity occurrences from the ancient and modern astrological predictions. I am self-trained in Hellenistic astrology, humanistic astrology, evolutionary astrology and modern predictive astrology. I have read hundreds of astrology text from the first treatises available translated through Project Hindsight to the humanistic training of Rudyar and others up to today’s psychology astrologers which I find particularly helpful in understanding a person’s mechanism and responses to one’s personal environment, relationships and society.

I believe much of the dismissal stems from the unwillingness from the scientific community to consider that we do not have the measuring capability to understand, and also that our mechanistic thinking inhibits perception of other forms of reality.

I provide astrology consultations however due to my day job I only accept a few clients a month and the current waiting time is running approximately 3 to 4 months out.  I especially enjoy working with curious individuals with a scientifically trained education and background.  I assure you that astrology consultation will leave you scratching your head for a rational solution of which there is none at the present.

The cost for a one hour consultation is $250 and can be through Skype or delivered to you as a MP3 file. Please provide your full name, month, day year, city, state country of birth and the EXACT time along with where you are living now. If another person is involved include that information as well.

Please contact me for current availability.