Astrology Can Guide You on A Journey Through Self Discovery

self understanding through astrologyWhen you understand all the different signs in astrology along with how they are positioned in your birth chart, you can make the most of your skills and talents. Astrology can guide you through your journey to self-discovery. It can help you overcome weaknesses and allow you to flourish. It is especially good at shedding light on how you can overcome your weaknesses and address problems in all areas of your life. It is a tool for gaining insight into your life, the events that occur in it and how they are timed. Astrology provides truly astounding clarity. Astrology makes use of symbolism and allows individuals to interpret symbols as it applies to them in life. You are a product of a time and a place in history and your upbringing plays a part in the whole scope of your birth chart.

Astrology Insights for Career and Romance

Astrology gives lots of suggestions for you to stay healthy and for you to find a good career and especially in relationship astrology for compatibility . It is a great tool for getting valuable information about yourself and your whole life as it unfolds. It is an accurate way to get deep insights about personal themes and cycles in life. It offers information about challenges and opportunities that come your way. When we get the time, date and location of your birth, we create a birth chart filled with information that is specific to you. We also make use of the current planetary positions to get an understanding of what is going on in your life. These can indicate when you might move or change directions, need more alone time or become involved in a relationship. Think of using a birth chart as being in the driver’s seat of a double-decker bus. You are in total control of the direction you are going in but you only see the road from one perspective. Astrology gets you a… Read more

Astrology and Finding Your Way

Astrology and Finding Your Way

find your path Do you ever wish that you had a personalized map which let you know what your purpose, abilities, challenges, talent and unique points were, one that told your story. Imagine a guide that let you know how to read your Cosmic Map, one that could help you visualize and bring to life your story. The subject of astrology is a very deep one, many people believe it to be a sort of superstitious guide to the progress of the material. If astrology is used only as a guide in material matters, the teachings will not be receiving their due acknowledgment. It is a subject that is multi-layered, complex and symbolic. It is an ancient subject sill of a wealth of knowledge that with time and seep exploration, begins to unfold. The vastness that is astrology can only be properly understood by those with a n earnest understanding. During ancient times, astrology was mainly seen as a guide to the spiritual development. It was considered a lower application of what is in essence a divine science, to use astrology for material purposes.

Astrology Chart as a Road Map

Your life’s road map can be found in your birth chart. It is not written in stone, but it can serve as a guide. The study of the response that man has to planetary stimuli is what astrology is all about. Every aspect of creation is linked and their influences are interchanged. Regardless of what your environment may be, the rays that surround the earth and universe will in some way, have an impact on you. Assisting you on your inner journey is what astrology was intended for, this is done by helping you to become aware of the interrelationships the objective universe and your own inner aspects. The relation between the stars and the body and mind of humans is vary subtle. There is a connection between the chakras, the six centers… Read more

First Steps Towards Interpreting An Astrology Chart

chart astrology Astrology studies the various interactions between personality, stars and planets. Astrology charts can be used to help with interpreting an individual’s nature and for making predictions about her or his future. You can obtain insight into yourself by learning how to read astrology charts. There are three things that make up the birth chart – the Houses, Zodiac signs and planets.

Want to Know How to Be Your Own Astrologer?

The Zodiac chart wheel is divided into 12 different sections. Each sign has its own unique energies which are filtered through the planet symbols. Remember that your sun sign is just one small component in how an astrology chart is read overall. The key to being able to interpret a birth chart is having the ability to understand that combination’s essence on its own, as well as its relationship to other planets.

First Steps in Interpreting An Astrology Chart

The planets in astrology refer to the Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and also the slow moving planets of Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. Also included in the charts are the North Node and the asteroid Chiron. There are two types of planets: outer planets and personal planets. Personal planets include Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and Sun. – The sun represents an individual’s purpose and basic identity. – The moon represents how an individual reflects on and reacts to life events. – Mercury is your ability for perceiving and relating to objects and individuals. – Venus illustrates what you enjoy and what you are comfortable with. – Mars represents your actions and your will. – Jupiter represents your personal growth and how well you are integrated into society. – Saturn represents the personal rules you create over time for yourself and your personal responsibilities. – Uranus represents your ability for growing and learning. – Neptune points to your imagination and ideals. – Pluto represents your capacities for inner growth and change, and points to… Read more