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A: Carmax has a number of locations in the Chicago metro area which are more reliable than private dealers and/or “buy here, pay here” used car dealers.

Q: Do I need to register my car in Dallas, TX if my license plates are from Illinois?
I just bought a car in Illinois and I will get IL license plates but I will be moving down to Dallas, TX shortly so I was wondering if I need to register my vehicle in IL or in TX or in both?

A: Just Texas, when you get there.
They will take the Ill plates away from you.

Q: Can I register my car in Illinois if my registration has expired in California?
I just moved to Illinois and just realized my registration in California expired today!! It’s too late to renew today and I was wondering if I would have to first pay the registration fees in California and then pay for the registration in Illinois or if I could just go and register in Illinois since I am no longer a resident of California.

A: Register it in the state in which you live. You will have to transfer the title, and registration.

Check the Illinois Secretary of State website to see the requirements particular to your situation.

You may find this publication from the Illinois Secretary of State for new residents helpful.

Q: At what age is a child able to sit in the front passener seat of a car? Illinois?
I am having a hard time finding this online. If you can post the link, that would be FANTASTIC!!
I FINALLY FOUND IT! It’s 8. Thanks for trying to help!!
And actually, although it says 8, it recommends 12 and up…due to air bag dangers.

A: When they can fit in an adult seat belt.

Q: I was just wondering how much it costs to transfer a car tittle in illinois?
My parents bought me a car when i was 16 and im now 19 and they told me i can put it in my name finally. so does anyone know how much that costs in illinois?

A: The Illinois DMV can tell you, or check their web site. Remember that you may have to pay sales/excise taxes on the car besides the regular fee.

Q: How do I donate an older car in Illinois and will I be able to deduct it from my taxes?
It’s a very old 93′ Ford Escort that is barely running. I have been told that it is not possible to donate such an old car and receive the tax break.


A: You can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 they might be able to help.
For the future you can try Uncle Tax: you will be able to file all you late and current tax returns here and they will answer all questions you have. I use this online service to do my taxes and I can always go back to them for any questions, Good Luck :-)

Q: How to register a car in Illinois in a company name?
I’m about to buy a car from an individual for my small business. What are the steps to follow to complete that successfully in terms of title/registration/…

A: Under “buyer” on the back of the title, put your business name and sign as the legal representative of the company. Call your DMV to find out what other paperwork you will need to bring. Before you go to the DMV you will need to get insurance on the car. You will have to purchase a business auto policy for this car. You CANNOT put it on your personal auto policy because it is not in your personal name.

Q: Can a Wisconsin police officer pull over a car from Illinois that has no front license plate?
Is it a legal basis for a traffic stop?
Thank you for the sources.

A: This depends on the reciprocity agreement between states, but if you are operating a vehicle in a state that requires two plates, you are technically responsible for operating the vehicle with the required equipment.

However, you are incorrect in your assumption that it is legal to drive with no front license plate in Illinois. The front LP is required in both Wisconsin AND Illinois, which would make the answer to your question, yes.

Also … most state and local police use this as a method to pull you over for another violation which holds a higher fine (and they cannot pull you over for it like seat belts). Usually they will not pull you over solely for the missing front license plate.

Q: Where can I buy an inexpensive excellent running car in illinois?
I am a mother of four with limited income in search of a minivan at the cheapest price possible, but, I need something that is dependable as well as cheap. Any suggestions?

A: try the auto auction

Q: is it illegal to carry a firearm in your car in Illinois? Or a tazer while your at work?
I live in chicago but I work in Burr Ridge. I want to know if it’s legal to carry a firearm (long gun) in your car while in a case unloaded and also if you have a FOID card can you have a tazer on you while your at work. I read that you can have it while at your place of business. Im an employee not an owner. Do you know what that means exactly?

A: An employer can make the rules in their business. An employer can carry on premises, you are not an employer. That same employer can grant you permission to carry a weapon on premises, but is under no obligation to do so. If they say no weapons and think you just have to carry a tazer, you would need to find a new job.

Q: Is it legal to carry a knife in a car in Illinois?
16 year old driver, the knife would be kept out of view in the car.
I park next to a school.

A: Only if you work for Acorn.

Q: What do I need to do to sell my car in Illinois?
The title won’t be sent from the bank until 10 days after it is paid off. Is there a paper that needs to be filled out so the buyer will get the title? What other paperwork do I need to have in order to sell it to a private buyer?

A: You will either need to wait for the title after you pay it off or go to the bank that holds the title with the buyer.

I would never give you a dime until I got the title for the vehicle I was buying.

Q: How can I get out of a car finance contract in Illinois?
I just bought a car today and I regret it. I believe that I have 72 hours to cancel the deal in the state of Illinois. Does anyone know for sure?

A: I just answered a similar question regarding the state of Indiana. Unfortunately, you’re out of luck; no such law exists. Most MVPCs (Motor Vehicle Purchase Contracts) have a detailed fine print section on the back of the customer copy. Look for a line that states, “If you have taken delivery of this vehcile, this contract is binding and final.”

Q: how long will it take to ship a car from illinois to nigeria?
i recently bought a car in illinois and want to ship it to lagos,nigeria

A: And I bet they are offering you a whole lot of money for the car, right? Those Nigerians are coming up with new scams all the time. They are doing a thing now where they use a Paypal clone site to get your log in info and then they get access to your bank account.

Q: Are scrolling LED signs illegal to have displayed in your car in Illinois?
Does anyone know if the scrolling led signs illegal to have in your car in Illinois? If you don’t know what i’m talking about, it’s this

they also come as license plate frames.

A: 1. Vehicles must have a white light making the license plate readable from 50 feet away. The light must be on whenever headlights are lighted………

2. Flashing or moving lights other than turn signals or hazard indicators are prohibited. This does not apply to police or emergency vehicles…………